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Hi!  Good to connect with you, today.   I wanted to talk a bit about solar powered toys.   What a wonderful idea, Solar Powered Toys! Did you know that, has some very interesting solar power toys.   Whereby usin...
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Hi, everyone!  Today, March 20th, is the first day of Spring! Yeah!! Now, I realize that in many places we are not quite seeing the signs of Spring with the peaking of flowers or the beginnings of the buds developing on the trees. But actually ...
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Just getting acquainted!
Hope you are doing well.  Been busy working on getting my site to show more and doing some on-line business.  It would be so wonderful if you would take the opportunity to really check out my site  and see all the won...
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Did you know that drones are being used by farmers for surveillance over their crops and live stock.  It also helps to cut overhead costs.   So check out my drones and many other products at  and allow them to assist ...
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Welcome to my new Blog.  I hope you will take advantage to view my products.  These are a few of things that I am passionate about, especially solar!  These products create lots of fun, safety, security, adventure and memories.   ...
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